I think you already read some successful stories in Blogging, many people are earning $10k/month or higher in blogging. The question is “HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN BLOGGING?” this is really a common question for newbie in blogging.

Did you know that there is only 1% of blogger become successful? I have read that in a famous blog and I guess its true. I’ve been blogging for 3 mohts I am earning in Adsense but just a penny. It cannot even pay my hosting from that. I know that Blogging is not a source of instant money.The formula of making money out of your blog is very simple. I come up with a formula Money = Create Blog + Update it + Drive Traffic+ Monetize Traffic, that is the only thing you should do in blogging. But that is not easy thing to do, espicially driving traffic. Driving traffic is the most difficult part in your blogging career. If you can drive 100k/UV per day, you can now stop working in your other jobs. Your blog can now give you a better living.

So if you want and Earning Blog try to read, ask people with experience and work hard. Blogging is not an EASY MONEY you should work for it and its not instant it would take years to make it.

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