You may have amazing traffic, you may get 10000 unique visitors per day, Imaging if you didn't got a single click on it.

YES, Placing the ads in the page plays a vital roll in the adsense earning. The visitors of your site will not search for the ads to click and you also cannot say to click the ads. You must make your ads more visible to your visitors. I saw several blogs with Google ads but they will be at the very bottom of the blog or anywhere in the page that cannot be seen. or in the side bar which will never going get a single click on it.

So you have a question, Then where I place the ads? The placing ads must be within the content and as the content. you can place the ads in the starting of the blog post. this will grab the attention of the readers. When they try to read the blog post the will look for the starting of the article, when they do this they will see the ads so now you have a chance to get clicked.

The best method that will help you to get maximum clicks is to blend the ads with the content. The content is attached to the ads. Some blogger templates does not support this format, however you can do this in your own HTML web design.

Some people place all the here and there in their blog. I saw a blog with the ads all placed in the right side of the blog. This seams like the blogger posted the links of his favorites, in the next second you will get at least one click. Like this there are several bloggers who are using a different king of techniques to get maximum clicks from their visitors.

The biggest advantage is we can place 3 ad units and 3 adsense for content. So we have a variety of choice to place ads.

Many people don't uses the ad units. They are very powerful medium of ads, so use the link units were ever you can.

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